Pennsylvania Juvenile Law, and School District Litigation

The attorneys of Jaffe & Kecskemethy, P.C. are often confronted with allegations of student misconduct and/or alleged delinquency in juvenile court. Our attorneys practice in juvenile court and before the school districts of Butler County and Allegheny County on a regular basis. We can provide you with the best possible representation for your son or daughter when confronting difficult and embarrassing charges. Our lawyers understand that the same presumption of innocence and rights afforded to adults in criminal court apply to children facing allegations of juvenile delinquency in Pennsylvania.

While instilling a tone of accountability for your children is crucial, and supported by our attorneys, it is also essential that children and parents understand the wide ranging effect of school discipline or a juvenile court conviction upon a child’s future. In the event that your child is confronted with a Petition for Delinquency, or a student disciplinary proceeding, it is crucial that counsel be advised of all of the particulars as quickly as possible in order to limit the damage which can be caused to your child’s potential for future success.