Experienced PA Child Support Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, basic child support is most often established using the Child Support Guidelines, found in the procedural Rules for Domestic Relations practice. The Guidelines are applied considering the “earning capacity” attributable to you and your spouse, which includes a careful analysis of net disposable income. Computing net disposable income is unique to your case and considers your family's actual tax liability, as well as other potential deductions from gross income.

In most cases, child support calculations are relatively straight forward if you know how to apply various elements. Our child support lawyers can assist you in determining which factors are relevant to your child support calculation, including:

  • Unusual custody arrangements affecting entitlement to child support;
  • The need for extraordinary mortgage contribution;
  • Additional contributions to daycare; and
  • Private education costs.

We also focus considerable effort in maintaining appropriate health insurance for your family, and properly distributing health insurance costs and uninsured costs, between you and your spouse.

Finally, our lawyers are very experienced in child support enforcement. We understand the complexities of child support administration in Pennsylvania, and how to bring the matter before the court if your spouse is failing in his or her obligation under your child support order.