Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers

As with other criminal prosecutions, charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI or Driving After Imbibing) carry the same presumption of innocence. You cannot be found guilty of DUI unless the Commonwealth can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. DUI litigation requires unique experience despite the fact that DUI arrests are common

In the event that you are charged with DUI, our counsel will compel the Commonwealth to prove all required elements of the case. We will ensure that police officers did not engage in inappropriate behavior when stopping your vehicle or questioning you, and that any vehicle search, or breath/blood testing was conducted in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations and applicable state law. 

In addition, we will explain and help you navigate the additional consequences of a DUI conviction, before entering a plea or deciding to go to trial:

  • Drivers license suspension;
  • Ignition interlock requirements upon return of your license;
  • Employment Impacts; and
  • Alternatives to incarceration in the event that a DUI conviction in unavoidable

Our lawyers represent DUI defendants every week. We are intimately aware of the methods required to minimize the difficult consequences of a drinking and driving arrest.