Estate Administration & Probate Litigation

For over 50 years, the attorneys of Jaffe & Kecskemethy P.C. have assisted families in matters of estate planning and probate of Wills.

Will Preparation and Estate Planning.  In planning for the disposition of your estate and the protection of your assets, there are multiple considerations that require insight and experience to fully understand.   These include which of your assets are subject to probate and controlled by your will and which are not.  After establishing what comprises your estate, it is important to consider how to satisfy debts and other obligations, and inheritance and estate taxes, such that your family and heirs are not burdened by these concerns after your decease.  Finally, providing proper arrangements in your will and estate plan that truly achieve your intentions is paramount. 

Our attorneys understand the requirements of the Probate Estate and Fiduciaries Code and the various Rules that may impact the administration of your estate, and can help you create a Will that helps your loved ones through a difficult time, rather than creating a greater burden.

Probate and Estate Administration. When a loved one passes, either with or without a Will, our lawyers can assist you in navigating the administration of the estate with minimal stress.  We probate Wills and estates without Wills regularly, and are well familiar with the administration of estates from the original Grant of Letters to the Executor, through the various tax a regulatory requirements, to Final Account or Family Settlement.  We can help you with the matters that complicate the loss of a loved one, and help you focus on the more important needs of your family.

We also understand that sometimes, even with the best of intentions, families and heirs can disagree over what their loved one intended.  When a Will is contested, or a dispute develops between family members in an estate, our firm’s litigation experience is unparalleled.  Further, our experience in family law informs our special insights into the family dynamics of a contested estate, particularly in the area of second or subsequent marriages with multiple heirs.  We are regularly in Court before the probate judges of Butler County and elsewhere in Western Pennsylvania, and can guide your litigation strategy to bring about prompt, effective results.