Our Approach to PA Child Custody Cases

Whether in cases of divorcing spouses or parents that never married, the guiding principle in any Pennsylvania child custody case is the best interest of your children. Our lawyers understand what it takes for you to win disputes over custody of children in Pennsylvania, and what must be proven in order to share custody in a way that's healthiest for each child.

The attorneys of Jaffe & Kecskemethy, P.C. understand that compromise most often brings about the most positive and least damaging results for children in custody disputes.  We know that separated and divorced parents can raise perfectly healthy children.  We can help you carefully weigh your children's needs and reach the best possible arrangement, while avoiding painful and damaging court litigation. Often, these arrangements will include family-centered counseling, or creative custody arrangements that are tailored to fit your family's needs. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with issues such as:

  • Problems associated with parental substance abuse;
  • Complex mental health issues of parents;
  • Special needs children;
  • School district considerations;
  • Unique issues relating to family relocation

When agreement is simply not possible, aggressive litigation is most often the best option, as it leads more quickly to the resolution of custody litigation and peace for your children.  Pennsylvania child custody litigation encompasses the most important personal and strategic considerations of any type of family court case. Each strategic decision in a hotly contested custody matter can have significant collateral consequences for your children, and potentially prolong the animosity between you and your co-parent. Our lawyers can help you navigate these pitfalls from initial Custody Complaint through conciliation and trial.